Capture the Flag in breve

This section describes how to play a Capture the Flag tournament in breve. In this project, users create their own simulation behavior strategies to try to win a simulated game of capture the flag. The project introduces basic agent-based programming concepts and discusses how to implement agent behaviors in the "steve" language.

This simulation was originally used in the spring semester of 2004 at Hampshire College in the course CS263:Artificial Intelligence in 3D Virtual Worlds.

For the final week of the class, we asked students to apply the artificial intelligence techniques they'd learned to a simulated game of Capture the Flag. They had to design a team of simulated agents using concepts such as Braitenberg vehicles, subsumption architecture, evolutionary computation, neural networks and planning.

Read on for instructions on how to implement your own Capture the Flag tournament in breve. Once you're done, post your strategy in the Capture the Flag Forum and compete with other users!